About us

George’s Coffee House opened in April 2011 and is run by staff and volunteers from Crofts End Church. It is named after George Brown, the founder of Crofts End Church who, back in 1895 brought hope to the mining community around Crofts End by sharing faith and showing the love of God through practical and tangible ways.

George was an ordinary man who achieved the extraordinary. His work inspired the construction of the church building in Crofts End Road which was completed in 1905.  The men of the mining community of the day physically built and completed the church with their own hands.

Today at Crofts End, the church community still has that same vision and seeks to be ‘the church at the heart of community’. In 2009 a major internal renovation of Crofts End has again seen the people of the church come together to practically create a brand new contemporary environment within the original building.

‘George’s Coffee House’ has been created out of this practical work and is just the beginning of a new work to bring that same hope to the people of St George in the 21st century.

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